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Consultants, Certifications, Documentation, Calculators, Green Products & Services. Everything under one roof.

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The gCommerce™ Ecosystem

The gCommerce™ Foundation is the only alliance you need to meet all your needs related to a sustainable enterprise. From experiences advisors that provide their value at no monetary fees, to helping you through the nuances of ESG, BRSR, CER's, CDMs, Green Products et all - the Foundation works to help build tomorrow's responsible brands and end users. There are four overall areas through which you can Join gCommerce™:

  • Strategic Alliances for developing gCommerce™

  • Corporate/ Institutional Strategy & Compliances

  • Trading in CERs and monetising activities

  • Buying/ Selling of "sustainable products & services" that are gCommerce™ certified

    Please connect with the respective leadership on the basis of the area that is most relevant to you

Network & Ecosystem Adoption:

Sashamitu King : An entrepreneur with three decades of global experience across sustainability, technology, media, blockchain and eCommerce, Mr. King has envisioned the gCommerce ecosystem and the methodology for adoption from farmer to foundations. For strategic partnerships with the gCommerce™ Foundation, connect with him here.

ESG Strategy, BRSR & Compliances:

Johan Oravu: A business leader with international credentials in consulting, strategy, data and analytics - Mr. Oravu owns the complex calculators and measurements systems that constitute the backbone of the gCommerce™ system. To access a team of experienced advisors that can strategise your gCommerce journey, reach him here.

Partnerships & Alliances:

Ussmin Sheikh: Mr. Sheikh has three decades of experience in emerging technology and projects that span billions of dollars. He manages the alliances and memberships of The gCommerce™ Foundation and envisages ways through which the various stakeholders can create mutually valuable partnerships. If you have a Green product and/ or service that needs to become part of the gCommerce marketplace, contact Mr. Sheikh here.

CDM, CER & CO2 TONs Treasury:

Jonaas Hoast: A finance professional with global exposure that spans two decades, Mr. Hoast manages the financial machinery that powers the gCommerce™ ecosystem and keeps it integrated with the global currency & CER markets. An expert in cross-currency management & numbers, he is on the pulse of fiscal movement. To generate value in CO2 TONs that can create economic impact, Mr. Hoast can be reached here.

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