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Creating gCommerce

The Platform

How to measure, certify and trade in value related to CO2 TONs? The answer lies beyond eCommerce. The future of commerce lies in green or what we call gCommerce™.

The gCommerce™ Platform is an end to end ecosystem that onboards, measures, certifies, compensates and trades using the globally accepted CO2 trading norms and CERs. The Platform creates unique accounts for every member entity and then translates their real world activity from CERs to measurable CO2 TONs. This value is created, stored and transferred on our own BlockChain powered currency system that then directly links to recognised financial systems and bullion. Moving in and out of the Sustainability Driven Fiscal Ecosystem has never been more seamless, simple and institutionalised.

The Value Assessment & Issuance

Using AI, exhaustive data points and globally endorsed CER systems, The gCommerce™ Platform attributes value to all member activity in CO2 TONs. The accounts are maintained on a Blockchain system & established fiscal frameworks to provide transparency without volatility.

The Trading Ecosystem

By being linked to the nett present value of the global CO2 CERs, the entire value being held is almost 100% liquid into related currencies and also usable within the gCommerce™ ecosystem as an instrument. From farmer to forex, the fiscal ecosystem is seamless.

The Scope

The gCommerce™ Marketplace comprises thousands of green products & services that are sourced from member entities. The primary pre-requisites for listing on the marketplace are the ESG practices and nett emission status. All our marketplace items are Green rated.

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