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gCommerce™ is tailored across the spectrum

Every Industry needs to embrace gCommerce™ in some form or manner to truly be sustainable. See how becoming part of the gCommerce ecosystem can benefit you.

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Ecosystem Beneficiaries

gCommerce™ in hospitality

Hospitality & Tourism

The travel & hospitality contributes to nearly 10% of all GHG emissions and will eventually be the hardest hit by it. gCommerce™ builds Sustainable travel & hospitality members that can convert a nett negative tonnage situation to a nett positive one.

gCommerce™ in Manufacturing

Manufacturing & SME Industries

The largest criticism and pressure will be on the manufacturing sector to measure, report and mitigate emissions. The gCommerce model leverages the inventory & end user relationships to create nett positive sectors & processes, while ensuring BRSR & ESG has true impact.

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New, Green Products from micro creators

For SME or start-ups creating eco-friendly products that require a global audience, yet find it difficult to reach with relevant audiences, the gCommerce Platform provides a custom & distinct platform to reach the interested adopter base. By making CER value directly available to end users as well, gCommerce™ creates a buying power pool that did not exist earlier.

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Individuals & Institutions

The current frameworks neither engage nor incentivise the largest diaspora of this planet's population to help with reducing the burden that is being set for nations and corporations. As a result, the majority of us are left out of the entire value system. The gCommerce™ ecosystem measures, recognises and rewards the last mile, so that resistors become the largest advocates of sustainability.

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