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The gCommerce™ Foundation

Our Purpose

Each and every sentient entity will need to make drastic changes and reverse the damage caused by centuries of degradation. The scope and complexity of the challenge is so vast that it is impossible to solve without participation of almost every human being. Yet, how does one connect an uneducated rural villager to a globally accepted rating & certification system? How will the negative millions of tonnes in emission be tracked, monitored and retired in real time - while also expediting nett positive action that becomes part of the same measurable ecosystem? How does an SME with green practices and ecologically sourced products find a global marketplace? How is such entrepreneurship fostered? The gCommerce™ Foundation works to integrate the entire value chain into a single, connected ecosystem that works to the same larger goal, without compromising their commercial missions. An ecosystem called gCommerce™.

Removing Barriers to Entry

Why should doing something necessary, urgent and responsible come with a high barrier to entry? Being ESG conscious and compliant need not be an adversity - it should be an opportunity. Our no monetary fee policy ensures that every serious entity has no reason to wait.

Accelerating Adoption Through Simplicity

Whether you are an SME creating eco friendly products or a resort that needs to go sustainable or a publicly listed MNC that needs to meet ESG & BRSR compliances, The gCommerce™ Foundation provides a completely integrated, holistic and bespoke approach to your needs.

Providing a Future-proof, One-Stop Framework

The gCommerce™ Foundation's experts work across the entire emission spectrum to accurately measure every component of the value chain. Then, using the latest technology and processes, integrates the same into the gCommerce™ Platform for further action.

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