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Break through ideas with innovation, scale and impact.

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From breakthroughs in reducing methane emissions at source to resorts that are totally carbon neutral to manufacturing supply chains that mitigate damage across geographies and farmers that power the remotest villages on solar. Find inspiration that are at the forefront of what we'd like to call gCommerce™.

For a geography that exists at an altitude ot 8,000 ft and is subject to the harshest of climatic conditions, the absence of electricity can be daunting. Yet, that is exactly how over 20,000 residents of this belt in India lived for decades. Today, the region generates 5,000,000 kWh of electricity per year purely using solar sources. Expected impact in 10 years: 50,000 tonnes of CO2 offset @ US$ 50 per ton

Construction is rapidly spreading in developing countries that use millions of bricks. At the same time, the issue of waste disposal has never been more acute. Meet the innovator that is creating sturdy construction materials - made completely with recycled plastic. Expected impact in 10 years: 50 tonnes/ house x 200,000 houses = 10,000,000 tonnes of CO2 offset @ US$ 50 per ton.

Sukkhi Solar Fields

More examples of gCommerce™

Lifestock contributes to over 15% of global emissions. The bulk of which is methane - 30 times worse than CO2. What if methane could be mitigated at source by a unique system that captures it? Zelp is that what if. Expected impact in 10 years: 100 kgs/ cow x 1,000,000 cows x 10 years = 1,000,000 tonnes of methane offset @ US$ 1,800 per ton.

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