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One Planet.

One Collaboration.

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How do we work?

The gCommerce™ Foundation is a consortium started by leaders, entrepreneurs and proven change makers - who are applying decades of their experience and resources towards building a greener world. Through collaboration.

The Foundation works across the entire value chain - from small farmers located in the remotest of hinterlands to global corporations and international advocacy bodies - to accelerate gCommerce.

The membership based consortium is part of the problem and also the solution. All members get access to tools and resources across the human, financial, technological and processes requirements that they need to meet their sustainability challenges at no monetary costs. The Foundation works as a connector, catalyst and conduit between all the stakeholders in the ecosystem in an active manner. Being focussed on increasing the commercial viability and scale ensures that the consortium members have access to the latest, most efficient and proven resources from across the globe.

Multi-Dimensional Collaborations

The members of The gCommerce™ Foundation span the poorest of farmers based in remote areas of the planet to global MNC's embracing sustainability to start-ups in green commerce alongside the most reputed institutions that create global policies and standards for ESG.

Technology & Innovation

In a technology first & hyperconnected world, even the noblest of causes will not succeed unless they are resource efficient and highly scalable. The Foundation uses the latest future proof technology stacks to bring the highest value within the CO2 TONs currency system.


At the heart of the ability to develop meaningful and actionable steps, is data and its interpretation. Our exhaustive, established and AI computed calculators allow members to accurately assess their position and deploy strategies that have maximum financial cum social impact.

Incentive Driven Fiscal Framework

The delay in mass-scale adoption of Green Commerce has primarily been due to the lack of a grass-root level incentive schemes. The penalty oriented policy approach has reached neither consensus nor compatibility, while also failing as a deterrent to damage. True change is incentive driven and The gCommerce™ fiscal ecosystem has an inbuilt reward mechanism. Measured in globally prevalent CO2 Tonnage CERs, the commercial model incentivises & rewards every entity who is measurably improving the planet's health vitals.

Every Challenge is Uniquely Common

While the glaring problem is common to all our members, the solutions are truly unique. The gCommerce™ Foundation uses its width of experience, combined with the depth of domain understanding to create frameworks that work for all its participants. It embraces the ethos of win-win without prejudicing the win of sustainable goals first. We win when one.

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Foundation Resources

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Enterprise Level Technology & Marketplace

The gCommerce™ Foundation has a pool of consultants and senior advisors who provide members with detailed measurement tools and custom deployment of platforms to meet ESG & BRSR compliances. What part of the gCommerce™ value chain do you need to accelerate? Find out here.

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Advisors & Consultants

The gCommerce™ platform offers a unique, Blockchain based technology system that provides real-time tools to measure your CO2 status and engage in its offset, reduction and trade across CER integrated green exchanges & marketplaces. To understand which aspect of the platform you need to adopt, explore more.

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